You Don’t Need to go to the Amazon for a Clock, Pt. 2

Ok, we’re back, and the glueing went well. We’re all stuck together. Now, time to iron out the wrinkles. In this case, sand them out. Won’t take long, but I’m confident that I can still manage to suspend ample enough quantities of wood particulate matter in the air to cause me serious sinus distress. Yep, Amazon may have been the way to go.

Note the belt sander proudly displayed. For fast and efficient removal of material, (skin included if you’re not careful), this is the machine of choice. Here we go…

Now, time for geometry. And to think that I thought that I would never have a need for advanced, shaped-based math. As you can see, I’ve already begun without you. My goal is a somewhat concentric circle. Somewhat.

We’re a full fledged circle! Time for another sinus-blocking sanding event. I need to calm down those rowdy edges and create a certain effect…the one that suggests that I actually can cut out a circle. This one appears a tad wiggly around the edges. I get that way sometimes, myself.

Next time I’ll stain and attempt to place the numbers in their correct places. I’m a bit concerned that I might get them arranged unusually somehow and accidentally create some sort of oddball time machine. I hope not. I kinda like where I am. Until next time, enjoy this photo of beer. Time to get a tad wiggly around the edges. Cheers!


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