Welcome, and congratulations! You’ve made it to the blog of R. Perkins.

I’m from Brownwood, Texas. Where’s Brownwood? If Texas were a target Brownwood would be the bullseye. So, take aim and come see us. We’re one of the biggest little towns you’ll ever encounter.

I’m a fiber splicer by trade, but in my spare time, and in my heart, I’m an avid cyclist, runner, photographer, fisherman, gardener, and around here we’re do-it-yourselfers…and I love to write about it all. I pretty much love anything involving the outdoors and eating healthy…or unhealthy. Ok, I really love unhealthy best because it tastes better. So be ready, there will be BBQ here. And stuffed stuff. But I’ll try to take it easy because someday soon I intend to complete a century ride.

While building this blog, my hope is to create a positive, light-hearted atmosphere. Sorta like those dogs you see with their heads jutting from car windows with their tongues wagging blissfully in the breeze at seventy miles per hour. I’ll do my best to emulate this.

When I started this thing, I knew little about blogging. Or computers. Or typing. But like I said, around here we’re do-it-yourselfers, so I jumped in with both feet. There’s just too many fabulous experiences in this life not to write about them, no matter how much work it takes.

This brings us to what’s at the heart of this blog. It’s about reaching a place where things finally begin making sense; not entirely, but enough that I want to explore what I do know, and reflect back on the paths that brought me here. Not long before passing, my father imparted to me some final wisdom. He felt it unfair that we spend our lives pursuing our passions, immersing ourselves in them, perfecting them, only to find ourselves unable to use the knowledge gained for any practical length of time. Maybe he was only expressing his disappointment towards the evils of the aging process, but I like to believe that he was trying to tell me that roses love noses.

Whether you leave with a smile, wince, or a frown, thanks for stopping by and helping me to strike a balance between what is fair and what is not in the battle of growing old and tired.  And if you attempt that head-out-of-the-car window-tongue-wagging-in-the-breeze-thing, be sure to take a deep breath first because it’s really hard to breathe (why is that?). I suppose it’s a privilege reserved exclusively for dogs. That’s ok, they deserve it. They age seven times faster.




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