Goats are Coming!

Some time ago we decided to become goat ranchers. What does that mean? Well, for us it means building a decent fence (we have), a barn (we are), and acquiring goats. The barn is coming along, and it shouldn’t be much longer until we’re knee deep in goats. Barn construction

Barn progress

Just a few more days, and by days I mean weekends, and we should be ready. As with all our projects, this one evolved out of control, and became a monstrous creation compared to the semi-modest structure originally planned. Thanks to my step-daughter I’ve had great help on this build. Thirty foot long R-panel is difficult enough to handle, let alone by yourself.

That’s a lonnnng sheet

Anyway, updates will follow in the continuing saga of the Perkins goat project.

Oh yeah, boer goats, in case you were wondering. Although, I wouldn’t rule out a Pygmy or two. Everybody needs a few of those.

Should make for a good north wind block

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