Onions Galore

First load of onions this year.
I always over-do the onion crop. Time to share. Purple variety far out-performed all others so far. Still waiting on 1015–they will make another wheel barrow full. Radishes are prolific as well, and hitched a ride to the shed.

Onion Harvest 2016
Last years crop hit the sweet-spot. They lasted just until we replanted this year. I don’t recall the variety we planted, but they stored very well. This year we may need to practice our DIY skills and build a crib for storage since we’ve been blessed with a substantial crop.

A Few Yellow Representatives
Most of the yellow onions suffered an attack by a bulb mite, or other pest. They just rotted in the ground. I am still looking into this, but haven’t reached a conclusion. Gardening offers great research opportunities, and the internet makes this process loads of fun. There are just so many smart people on Facebook. (Heh). Seriously though, I love that there are so many groups established for gardening enthusiasts like myself. Keep up the awesome work guys! You rock!

Radishes Travel Well
If I were to see these at the local Farmers Market, I couldn’t resist them. The twine adds the perfect accent while keeping things organized. No garden is complete without a healthy roll of jute twine. And by healthy, I mean giant. It’s cheap, easy to use, and is eco-friendly. Just chunk it into the compost pile at year’s end. Speaking of end, that’s all for now. Happy gardening!

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